Why Are Tattoos Expensive?

Take everything you're about to read with a grain of salt. It is not meant to be an attack on anyone. Its meant to hopefully educate some people on the inner workings of our industry.

If the first question you ask is 'how much is a tattoo?' or the infamous 'whats your cheapest tattoo' then chances are you are not ready to get a tattoo yet.

Tattoos last a life time. I'll repeat that... A LIFE TIME. If I told you that you get one last haircut and it stays that way for the rest of your life, would you go into Wal-Mart and get it done? I didn't think so. You would probably research all sorts of hair-cutting portfolios and stylists and pay whatever it would cost to get the perfect hair style that would have to last the rest of your life time. 

So why would getting a tattoo be treated any differently? 

I've had countless people literally say 'I don't care who does my tattoo...' and it KILLS me. YOU SHOULD CARE. You test drive and research a car before you buy it. You walk through a house before you sign the mortgage. You even try on clothes before you purchase them. So WHY would you not look at a portfolio before you let someone mark your body FOREVER.

Tattoos can sometimes be saved, but its not guaranteed. So then you resort to the 'I want to cover this up.' With shows like "Tattoo Nightmares" people think that any and every tattoo can be covered up to look as great as the amazing work they do. The fact is, however, that they filter all the undesirable tattoos out. The unsaveable is just that, unsaveable. 

So why not get it done right the first time? Why spend the extra money on getting it poorly done only to have to go and get it fixed. It could have been done right the first time and now our hands are tied with a poor design and blown-out line work. I understand that you can 'get it cheaper down the street' or 'you know a guy that would do it for 20 bucks and a case of beer,' but the fact is that it will almost always look exactly like what it is, a 20 dollar tattoo.

There is a reason a Lamborghini is expensive. There is a reason an amazing tattoo will cost more. The price of a tattoo shouldn't really be much of a factor. If you cannot afford it, then you can definitely save up for it.

Do your research. Ask questions. We will be happy to answer them! While getting a friends opinion and asking them for advice can be great, it’s no substitute for a professional opinion.