Tattoo Booking Process

This has been an interesting battle I have been trying to master for quite a while. With each book opening, I have learned and tweaked the little things to really make sure I’m doing as many projects as I can. This time around, I am wanting to try something new!

Usually when I book, I have 5 or 10 new sketches that I have drawn up that I’m really wanting to tattoo. That’s why I have an option on the form asking if you you’d like one of my original drawings. That only should only be selected if you’re wanting one of the sketches or something similar to them. Everything I draw, I usually will tattoo only once. If multiple people want the sketch, I will work with you to create something that has a similar feel but is different. Different hand positions, different flowers, different leaves, maybe adding other subject matter. Something that can make it unique to you and you alone. So if you see something you like, let’s do it! We can easily make it your own. The ideas I present are supposed to be used as a guide to what I can draw up for you. I can draw up anything really, but if you select yes, your idea will end up looking like the things I usually draw.

Once I open the books, I will leave them open for a few days and allow everyone the chance to send in a message. I understand that people have work and lives and that not everyone can make a deadline. I want everyone to have a fair chance. As an artist, I want to do the drawings and sketches that I doodle in my free time. They are what I enjoy most at the time, hence me drawing them. I’m pretty nerdy so I have a wide range of interests so don’t think it’s only limited to those ideas. So the ones that have selected ‘Yes’ to wanting one of my original drawings will ususally get a response first in a first come first serve kind of manner.

The other inquires are then divided into folders of small, medium and large projects. Which allows me the ability to see what kinds of gaps in my schedule after I have booked all the original drawing requests. Then I can a fill those slots with the appropriately timed projects. And as the slots become fewer and fewer less and less projects are able to fit in.

There are a few subject matters that I won’t usually tattoo. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, but it’s just something that I don’t feel works with the body that well. It’s nothing against you or your idea. So please don’t be offended if your idea isn’t something I feel comfortable doing.

But as I am doing shorter booking windows to accommodate for all my other projects I’m working on, I’m finding that I’m not doing the smaller projects as much. The little tattoos are a lot of fun to do for me but it’s tough to get them all in! So I’m going to try something new this time around...

Something I call, Tiny Tuesdays!

The little projects, the little paw prints, the simple little birds, flowers etc... if I can do them in under an hour and they are around a tennis ball sized an under, I want to have a special time slot in my bookings available just for you! I never want anyone to think that I’m only doing large projects or that I’m only doing custom drawings. So every Tuesday, I will do my best to get in all the smaller projects that are inquired about. Not everyone wants a full sleeve or has the money to do half sleeve type projects that I like and I wants you to know I understand that completely and I’m going to do my best to accommodate to everyone.

Hopefully this clears up some of the confusion and mystery behind my booking process. 

Dont hold me to any of this as the process is fluid and ever changing. I am doing my best to balance life and work and emails and I really do try my best to get to everyone. I had almost 500 emails this last time so it can be quite the project to keep up with so please be patient with me. I promise, I’m giving you my all.


To send an official inquiry, please visit the ‘Tattoo Inquiry’ page on this website! Thank you so much!


Thank you to everyone that follows me and enjoys my little doodles. Without you, I’d be nothing.